Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kilt Pins

These are Kilt Pins for a swap that I am doing with an online group. I should have been vacuuming, but the poor kilt pins have been sitting forlorn on my desk for sooooo long! What's a girl to do? They are embellished with African trade beads, twine, copper wire, odd beads and some shrink plastic that is heated and debossed with a rubber stamp. The bottom one also has one of my favorite beads from GREEN GIRLS Studio. The little mermaid. She's so adorable! Now I have to clean up the gi-normous mess I made putting these together....


Kari said...

Oh, I love your blog - I am so glad you have one and when I am less tired (it has been a DREADFUL day at work and I am exhausted), I will add you to my links and that will remind me to check back often. These kilt pins are superb - I am amazed you made them so quickly. I also love your cloth dolls, they are fantastic! I just may have to pester you on your techniques etc. as my beginnings are most amateur compared to these wonders. Especially the faces, I don't understand, do you paint directly onto the cloth. A lesson is required, I think.

Great blog!

Kari x

kelly snelling said...

too-too-toot!! that's me blowing the trumpet to herald your arrival into the world of blogging. i only started mine a few weeks ago so you aren't alone in being a late bloomer. now, these kilt pins are awesome! i love that they are FULL of charms. and each so fun and lively. kudos!!

happy blogging!
kelly from the altered guild

Dawn Sellers said...

Woohoo - you have a blog! Love the kilt pins, I didn't sign up for this swap but I bet the recipients will love them too.
Yes, do tell us how you made the faces on those dolls. Very beautiful.

daydreamstudios said...

Know what you mean about babysitting the blog. Mine should have hatched by now...lol. Wonderful kilt pins. Must be in the air, I finished mine over the weekend, but have been too lazy to post pics yet.

karla from the guild

primdollie said...

wow love the kilt pins and your blog!!! awesome work and will be back tomorrow to drool some more!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!
HUgs Linda
who is happy she saw your post on Altered Guild yahoo group!!!

Cynthia Thornton said...

Nice use of the mer sprite bead! Very creative!