Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Abundance

This is another version of Abundance that I made this summer. I had the honor of teaching her to a great group of women here in my neck of the woods! The Material Girls of Houston kindly had me teach her as a class this fall.

Abundance is about 18", and fully cloth. No paper clay this time! I think she is an enjoyable doll to make, because she is fairly easy to construct....and most of your time is spent on embellishing her, one of my favorite parts of doll making!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

2 New Dolls!

I don't know if you suffer from this, but sometimes the more behind on something that I get, the harder it is to make myself catch up. Such as blogging. If I miss more than a few months, I find it almost impossible to add an entry. So to "help" myself get over my self-imposed phobia, I've redesigned my blog. I'm still of the opinion that blogger does not make the process of changing a blog easy, but after spending all the time it took to just fix the margins, I kind of feel it's worth it to start blogging again.

Here are 2 dolls that I worked on over the last year. The first doll is called Reluctance. She is a paper clay doll made over a wire armature. Reluctance is about 22" tall, if she were to be standing.

This next doll is called Réalití. She is also a paper clay, stump body doll. She stands about 18" tall. As always, I enjoyed making them both....and finally sharing them with you!