Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pantomime Joy

I made this doll probably about 4 months ago. Her name "came" to me immediately! But her "story" is a whole I had been playing a board game with my children and one of the parts of the game was to act out being "happy". Well, we didn't quite get we watched my youngest child "act" out happy, words that began to be shouted out were "crazy", "strange" and "luny"!!! LOL

At the end of the charade we were all laughing hysterically! That's when the idea of the doll came to me.

Pantomime Joy is 15" tall. She is sculpted from paper clay and covered with fabric. Her facial features are done in pastels and colored pencils.

I don't know if she is as successful in her pantomime as my daughter was in conveying "happy"...but I do wish you joy and contentment and the hope that in your life joy will become real....and not just a pantomime.