Sunday, August 31, 2008

So far behind....

Blogs are amazing! Sort of like email....what did we do before we had them?

I personally, was a less guilt-ridden individual.

I look at my blog...I think about my blog....can I keep up with a blog? Well, that's another story. Bloggers I admire
put something new up weekly. The blogs I love add content at a daily pace. The blogs I can identify with usually add something about once-a-month.

So without further ado....or belly-aching, here is what I have been late adding to my blog!

These first two are pod babies. They are polymer clay and about 7" long. Their little pods are quilted and embellished. I had a lot of fun making them!

These two are dolls that I took to ODACA with me. Both are paper clay with cloth. This first one is named RELUCTANCE.

This next one is called THE DANCE. I had Stephen Curtis Chapman's song "Lord of the Dance" traveling through my head when I made her.

I am the heart, He is the heartbeat
I am the eyes, He is the sight
And I see clearly, I am just a body
He is the life
I move my feet, I go through the motions
But He gives purpose to chance
I am the dancer
He is the Lord of the dance....