Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I haven't made too many bears lately, but I thought I would add a few of my favorites:
This is Bridgette and her sidekick Mouse. Bridgette is about 4" tall and made from mohair fur and lots of quilted fabrics.

This is Aster....she is a fully crochet thread bear. She is about 7" tall....and loves gardening.

This is my Bonsai bear. He is trying to grow a bonsai, but is worried that it is so small. Maybe more sun will
make it grow better!


primdollie said...

OH MY I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work and your bears and your dolls and your art work everything is amazing!!! I would love to add your blog to mine if that is ok!!! if not let me know! and the kilt pins are fabulous!!!! thanks for the great eye candy!!! Hugs Linda

Anonymous said...

Angela is too modest to mention that Bridgette was one of the top five in the worldwide URSA awards for 2006. Wonderful, adorable and darling bears!! ^__^ Rita

Louise Peers said...

Hi Angela,
I found your blog,my you are so clever,love all your these pics of Brigette too,
hugs Louise

bockel24 said...

Oh, Bridgette is so cute - we´ll have the annual "Teddyb√§r total" fair here at the end of April, but I don´t think I´ll meet such a nice bear there!