Monday, February 19, 2007

Fiber Arts

I love making cloth dolls. I started about 5 years ago when a friend asked me to come to a "cloth doll meeting" she attended. The only "cloth doll" I was familiar with was I politely declined. But a few weeks later I saw this same friend in a bead store buying beads for one of her projects. It was a gorgeous doll...made of cloth no less! I was hooked and have been ever since.
Here are a few of the cloth doll that I have made. Their faces are all hand-painted using primarily watercolor pencils. All are from original patterns that I have made.

These are the LaPoire Sisters....they are about 10" tall.

This is a doll that I call FLIGHT. She stands about 15" including base.

This is an art quilt that I made a while back called "Black-Eyed Susan". The quilt is 5" in width. The face is hand-painted and sewn into the quilt.


Clothmatters said...

Your dolls are magnificent. What a gifted artist you are.


whimsymoon said...

Wow! You're my first comment!!! And such a kind one too! Thank you so much Connie!

Susan said...

I just love your use of color! Can I come learn from you? :)