Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A little mermaid....

This is Arisa. She is a companion child mermaid to a mermaid I made a while ago. She is about 12" tall and the pattern for her will be included in my online class Enkai Nou .

She is a cloth doll with a softly needle sculpted face. Her features are pastel, and watercolor pencils. Arisa is a wall doll and I'm rather fond of her as she looks like my daughters....minus the tail!


Rita said...

Oh, Angela. She is adorable. She makes your class all the more tempting. So Cute!

My verification word is dumpro. I think I'll wait for another one. ^__^

Kiss that little model for me.

Love -- Rita

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Angela your dolls are DEVINE!!!
I could look at them forever!!

UteV said...

You have done it again! She's awesome! I love her! You go girl!

Sunshine said...

OOoooooooo she's CUUTE!!!!!

DARN I shoulda taken that class! LOL

Tami said...

She's such an adorable little mermaid! Her eyes remind me of your travel doll Luna. Too bad I signed up for your mermaid class the first time around before this little one was included. On a good note, I'm finally cutting out and sewing a mermaid. It's for a gift so I have a deadline to get it done quickly. :-)

Carrie said...

the mermaid is adorable as well as all of your artwork

Nathalie Thompson said...

Love the belly button! How cute is that! I was thinking she looked kind of like YOU, now I know why the resemblance (your daughter is the model). Beautiful doll (sounds redundant- hee hee).

Kreatively - Kat! said...

Angela, your little mermaid is simply adorable...will we see her as a pattern? Please and thank you???

Michelle said...

Just love her, most especially that tail and that sweet, sweet face!