Sunday, June 8, 2008

A lost mouse

This little brown field mouse is Perdu Amant Fromage. He was so excited to get out into the world and show off the new hat that his mother made for him...that despite her warning of "stay on the path"....he did what little mice often do. Take a shortcut that seems like a better idea.

Well now poor Perdu is lost...and trying so, so hard not to cry. Fortunately for him, he has been found by a sweet not given to playing too many pranks....and she is dedicated to helping him find his way home.

Both the fairy and mouse are OOAK polymer clay figures.
Perdu, the mouse, is 3" tall. Gabrielle is 4.5" kneeling.

Moral of the story....just because you get a new hat
doesn't mean your sense of direction suddenly improves!!!


fribbles said...

Awww, so sweet! I love freckles on the wee faery too!

Nathalie Thompson said...

SO cute! Love the faery's tattered looking wings. What an adorable vinniette! I read your day in the life of post and was wondering... how much sleep (if any) do you get?

Kai said...

OOOOOOOH! Angela, they are so adorable! The detail on both is such that I honestly would expect either of them to look up & speak to me! You are WAAAAAY too talented, Sweet Girl!

MaryWig said...

Oh, man, such a wee little mouse. Kudos to you for keeping the plates spinning as you homeschool four kids. And make dinner.

Folksie Linda said...

Adorable mouse and the mouse's little acorn hat!

Shannon said...

I found you! Lol. It's funny, I think about you often and am so glad to see that your are doing so well. Love the work and glad to hear the kiddos are doing so well!

I am working on a blog myself but nuttin as nice as this
I'ma e-mail you,
Locorosa a.k.a. Shannon

LocoRose said...


I tried to send you an e-mail with my e-mail address but...oh well, didn't work.
Here it is and spammers be damned! Lol.

Gaia said...

I know, I know... I go on vacation for a few days and as soon as I come home, I wear my little "bad girl" outfit and stop by your blog, isn't it awful?? :)
Well, just stopping by to leave you the Brillante Weblog Award, this time. I know you are super busy, so do not worry about it, it's on my blog if you find time to grab it! :)



FairiesNest said...

These are so precious, I love the little helping fairy and the mouse is wonderful! Such wonderful details on them both!

kimberly said...
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