Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Art doll-FALL

In one of the many Yahoo groups I'm in, we are doing an "ART DOLL" trade. I had fun sculpting her face.
Her name is FALL.

She's a bit peevish what with all the fanfare and general good feeling that SPRING and SUMMER tend to engender in most people. FALL realizes that she is more popular than WINTER, but not by much and certainly not by those diehard snow lovers.

FALL comforts herself in the thought that colors do not truly shine and sparkle the way they do in her midst....that last hurrah before harvest and the harsh winds of WINTER begin.


ritasfairies said...

Well, Fall is certainly my favorite season. And she can drop by, dressed in her gorgeous crimson any time now. Ha! it's not even summer yet & I'm sick of the heat!!! Fall has a lovely, expressive face. I know exactly how she's feeling, and I know I certainly will feel much better by the time she comes around. Tell Fall she's appreciated not only for her beauty but also for her lowered fuel bills. Fall's recipient in lucky for sure!! Love -- Rita

Tami said...

Ah yes, Fall is suffering from a case of middle seasonitis, similar to that of middle child syndrome. :-) Tell Fall that I think she's a beauty and that I chose her season to get married many years ago. It was the perfect time to have an outdoor wedding in soCal (still warm but not overbearingly hot). Luckily I now have a house with a tree that shows the seasons. It has gorgeous colors in the Fall. :-)