Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thanks to all of you "bad girls"......

....and comment posters! Your comments are hot chocolate chip cookies for the soul!

And who are the "bad girls" you ask? Taggers!!!! That's who! LOL

One is no other than Shelli Heinemann of POTBELLY ARTS, such a sweet bear artist by day, crazed-internet tagger by night....who knew! AND Chantal another lovely bear artist and all around lovely least till this tagging incident!

Since I've been tagged, here is what I get to do....I write 5 random things about myself and then TAG five other unsuspecting individuals. (That part sounds fun!!!)

1. I love anime. Anything from FRUITS BASKET to GHOST in the SHELL.

2. I miss snow. It doesn't snow in Houston....though I did hear that they got a dusting a couple of years back. Just a little snow on Christmas would make me very happy!

3. Susan Wallace (who I am TAGGING), makes the BEST purses!!! In fact the last one she made is actually mine.....she just won't give it to me. While this isn't totally a random thought about me....I do want the record to show that Susan needs to give me my purse! LOL

4. I've never been camping. I did see an ad for a camping trip that I would be willing to think about. It's a little pricey, but what it is a $595.00 a night camping trip in "big sky country" that comes complete with a butler to make your campfire for you and maid to turn down your down comforter at night! Now that's camping!!!

5. I have lived in Houston for over a year now and still can't decide on curtains....partially cause I will make them, and when I want to sew....bears and dolls seem soooo much more exciting!!!

And, seriously.....a heartfelt thanks to all of you that read and or comment on my blatherings! Group hug!


Sunshine said...

You shouldn't have done that!

With apologies (and props!) to FOUR FOR FRIDAY
for grabbing 4 random questions from the meme...

YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED! Copy and paste the following questions into your blog and answer them for all to see. :)

Q1 - Holy Crap!: What would you do if you saw someone who looked exactly like you? Would you approach them and attempt to have a conversation, snap a picture if you could get away with it, or just run like hell?

Q2 - Dreams: According to many sources, with a little training and discipline, it is entirely possible to control your dreams. Would you want to be able to control what you dream about when you are asleep, and if so, what are some of the things you think you'd choose to dream about?

Q3 - Judged by a Supreme Being: If their objective were to judge us, what would the three worst places be for extraterrestrials to land in the U.S. and observe Americans?

Q4 - Bones: How do you feel about eating meat off of a bone, i.e., chicken wings, turkey drumstick, ribs, etc.? Does eating meat directly off a bone gross you out or are you down with the bone?

(Yes Angela. Are you down wit' dat?) L M A O!

MaryWig said...

Dear Angela,
Thanks so much for tagging me, as I have NOTHING BETTER TO DO now (can you say 'retired newsletter editor') than post obscure things about me-self.

MaryWig said...

Okay, so you've got the cutest DANG little bears and sweaters. You nut! I usually hate that stuff! Your dolls are outstanding. Wowee. Girl, you should be proud.

daydreamstudios said...

Well, I'm from Michigan and I have no problem sharing a little snow with you this Christmas...:-)

q.D.paToOtieS said...

Loved reading your "tag" facts and the bear is SOooo darn adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, as you can tell Angela I was total consumed by Christmas. I didn't even think about my blog until today. I have just now unburied myself and actually don't have anything to do at night right now. My dolls are complete and I have just started making up an order of cat jackets for a cattery (10 of them! :) I will post my stuff tonight on my blog.