Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The tall one in back......

This is a mermaid that I finished just a bit ago.....but because of her looooong length, I've never
gotten a good picture of her. I've tried. It just doesn't work! If I manage to get all of her in the picture, there
is so much empty space on the sides......that it looks rather pathetic. So I'll have to ask you kind viewer, to sort of visualize what she would look like all together.

She's cloth with a needle sculpted face. Her features are "painted" on using colored and watercolor pencils. Notice her smile....it's because she is tall!

When I was a kid, it was my dream to be tall! I have no idea what I planned to do with all my dreamed of height, but tall I was going to be!

By 8th grade, I was well on my way to my goal. I was always the kid that had to
stand at the back of pictures so that my great height would not obscure my height-disadvantaged peers.

Poor little things!

I would proudly stand in the back....careful not to look too smug, meanwhile exchanging
knowing looks with my teacher....who, due to high heels, was quite tall herself. But it wasn't going to be high heels for me! No, all my height was going to be natural. The product of the gathering of all the tall genes in my family coming together to propel me into the company of the naturally tall and lanky.

Alas! 8th grade I was 5'4" and I haven't grown an inch since.

I'm still waiting.

I have read that some people don't experience growth spurts till odd times in their lives. So, in years to come, if you visit me in the nursing home.....I'll be the tall one...in back.


Louise Peers said...

Wow she is lovely and just look at her beautiful tail.Gorgeous work !!

Kim Basta said...

Hi there! Just ran across your blog! I love what you've done with your mermaid's tail! Your text on many of your posts had me truly cracking up!!!
Kim Basta
Widl Thyme Originals

Shel said...

Beautiful and inspiring work, all of it! I've seen your dolls where cloth dolls congregate (I read a lot of crafty content from magazines to websites to books), but until stumbling into your blog via your eBay ME page tonight, I didn't connect your bears to your cloth doll body of work. So much talent in one place! Do you make art cards at all? Thanks for the inspiration. -- Shelli Heinemann, Potbelly Arts

Gaia said...

Oooh... do you mean there's still HOPE? :))
Then I'll be looking forward to be a very tall old lady! I'd be happy with 6', I have only 11" more to go! :D

The mermaid is lovely, the embellishments on her tail are super and as always, she has the most beautiful eyes!


Gaia - the pixie size girl

primdollie said...

wow love her esp that she's a mermaid!!! and of course my fav color is green!! simply amazing!!!!! you are so creative !!! Hugs Linda

Clothmatters said...

Your doll is incredible. You did a magnificent job on her face. Beautiful work.

dibbledabble1dolls said...

I thought that I'd grow taller too...instead of 5'4"...but wait until Mother Nature visits....I'm now 5'2"! "I'm melting..melting...ooooo what a world"...
It is so great to gab with you again...so miss old times with you and Treez....pop in and say hi to the "mums" when you get a chance..her highness--Queen Di and Princess Tink would love it!

Anonymous said...

this doll is beautiful. i know what
you mean about tall.i'm 5'8" and
worked on stretching since i was a
kid also. i love making larger
dolls because i have large fingers.
your dolls are GREAT......