Saturday, April 21, 2007

...and it makes great coffee too!

This is a doll that I finished this past week. I had come up with the pattern for her a while back. I had wanted to do a fugure that was "ample" and looked as if she were dancing! I made her out of cotton and then painted her entire body with acrylic paints. The paints took forever to dry, but I really like the way they stiffen up the fabric, making
it seem more like a canvas. She was supposed to have been an "altered doll".....complete with words and various collage elements. No matter what I tried, it just never felt right. Then last week, my daughters and I were dying coffee filters of all things. (You take Crayola or similar brand markers and color on a coffee filter. Then wet it and allow the colors to run where they will. I usually blow dry the filters so that they stiffen.) Well, we were getting such cool colors on the filters.....and really had no plans for what we were going to use them for...that I toyed around with the idea of making this dolls clothes out of layers of filters! Her clothes are all filters and ribbon. I wish it was as easy to come up with a new wardrobe for myself!

Close-up of her face and coffee filter skirts!


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, Angela. You are sooo creative. Love the necklace, too. What a sweet face.

Love -- Rita

Gaia said...

I love it! She's so beautiful, such a lovely face. I've never tried coffee filters, I guess they are not popular here, but the effect is really neat. I'd be dancing too with such a colorful dress!! :)

Hugs, Gaia

daydreamstudios said...

Very colorful! How fun. What did you use for her head and neck? Is that just painted on the fabric? What a creative project.
Karla (from the guild)

whimsymoon said...

Thanks for all the kind words!!!
Her head and neck is just painted with
acrylic right on the fabric. I put down
a darker layer and then when that had
dried, put a "flesh" tone over the top and then
the facial features.

Louise Peers said...

Beautiful doll,can see a fairy made by you with the coffee filter clothes,

deBBie said...

I love this doll!! Especiall the "ample" part! Big is BEAUTIFUL...LOL. and the skirt is just texturally beautiful. love, deBBie

primdollie said...

wow she's amazing and love the coffee filter idea how cool is that!!! love her and I too love how acrylic paints make fabric stiff and feel like canvas!!! Hugs Linda