Friday, March 2, 2007

A window with a view.....

It was such a beautiful day here that I took an extra long walk with my kids today. All four of them chattering about totally different things, not caring that because they are all talking about different things that I can't understand any of it.....they were just happy to be able to share their thoughts with the wind.

Conversation turned a little ugly from my 4 year-old when she saw a fire ant hill. She has an enormous fear...phobia...of fire ants after inadvertently sitting on one of their mounds last year.

She fell to her knees and yelled that she couldn't walk anymore till someone moved all the fire ants. It's a shame you can't do that as an adult. Right in the middle of the mall, "I can't walk anymore....till someone brings me a mocha...with a scone!"

One thing that was especially wonderful about the walk was all the flowers that were beginning to bloom. Of course they and the newly budding trees make me sneeze and feel like my head is full of cotton.....but beauty has it's price!

So in honor of my walk today, here is an art quilt that is titled "A Window with a View". It's for all that have bad allergies or humongous fears of fire ants.....sometimes it might seem tempting to watch the world from a window, but it's always better outside!


Clothmatters said...

Your window with a view is wonderful. I love your blog and if you don't mind, I would love to add a link to mine.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Angela. Poor baby and the fire ants. And I know where you can get a mocha. ^__^ Love, Rita

primdollie said...

this is a fabulous little quilt the colors are perfect!!! and love love love the little bear too!!! but I had to say the poor little dear and the fire ants I can so relate!!! (not me but same thing happened to my sister!!) but yes I am all for the mall scene too!!! and think I will have to have a danish with my mocha!!!! Hugs Linda

Susan said...

What a wonderful window!
I don't want to be anywhere near those ants either!

Thanks for sharing your work! :)

SeamRippstress said...

Beautiful art quilt! I love her face!