Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Crazy people....?

I am such a people watcher! I love to just sit back and watch people interact. Especially people that are really emotive, and use a lot of gestures when they talk.

One of my favorite places is at the post office. Most people, when the line is really long, sort of zombie out. They look like they are almost in a hypnotic state.....trying to "peace out" and find that happy spot, so that they don't go "postal" while waiting for their turn at the window...their turn to talk to that government employee who is even unhappier than they are at the moment.

Occasionally, there will be one or two in this crowd that must be so sanguine that they can't hold it in. You've seen them....they are the ones that talk to anyone and everyone...and use big sweeping gestures and laugh long and hard at their own insights. They are the few, the proud...the ones you are afraid to sit next to on a plane. But standing in line at the post office they are great. They help to pass the time....sort of like a low level stand up comedian.

Today, standing in line at the post office, with my kids no less....there was one of these individuals two people ahead of us. She was so was almost like a dance. She had my 12 year-old son enthralled. The best part of it was that she wasn't actually talking to anyone in line, even though the man in front of her kept turning around to her, just to be sure. She had long hair that hid what I hope was a headset to a phone. But part of me thinks that maybe she was just passing time....talking to someone that obviously was highly entertained by her...but that the rest of us just couldn't see.

When I was a teenager I used to get to ride the bus "downtown" on Saturdays to go to the library. And every Saturday, rain or shine, there was this woman that sat in the back all by herself, holding court with an unseen crowd. She would talk, laugh, gesticulate and once I even saw her cry. I remember telling a friend that I thought that the next Saturday I saw her I would go sit by her and talk to her. My friend told me that she was probably "crazy" and that was why she sat alone and that I would be crazy to go talk to her.

I never did get up the nerve to go and talk to her. Wish I had. I may have discovered that maybe she wasn't all that crazy. Maybe she was just having a good time....practicing for her next time in line at the post office....


deBBie said...

Oh No! I am one of THOSE people who always has to start a conversation with the other people in the post office line! If I am crazy..that would explain a lot!

I LOVE your blog, I read it all and even checked out your favorite blog links. Thanks for the fun.


primdollie said...

oH I love the artwork but also can relate to the crazy people!!!! too funny! and oh mine are usualyy the people actually behind the counter!!! the one postman was making lewd and rude looks to a young woman one day as I was in line and I was not the only one who noticed him obviously doing it too!! esp since there were quite a few in line!! he was an idiot to say the least!! and sad thing the girl had no idea he was doing it because she had her head done concentrating on what she was doing!! and yes the ones who entertain and have no idea they are doing it are a hoot too!! always have one when I go!!!!!! hehehe!! hugs thanks for the laugh!! Linda