Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Big WORD Wednesday!!!

It's been such a longggggg time since I've posted.

You know the feeling. You've been there.....

A week passes and you begin the lies. "Tomorrow....definitely tomorrow." Before you know it a month has passed and you feel queasy everytime you think about blogging. Even visiting other blogs make your stomach hurt for all the guilt and shame that hangs around your throat like so much bad HTML.

Then the unthinkable.....2 months pass by....and anytime anyone casually mentions the word blog, you are sure that they are secretly making the LOSER sign behind your back.

Ahhhh, the humanity!

Well, I don't have a good excuse....not even a lame one.

So to assuage any who think that my first post "back" should be something spectacular, here it is. An installment of BIG WORD WEDNESDAY!!!

It's a strange game that a friend of mine and I play.... (Hark! Could it be this delectable, yet highly-ineffective
use of time that creates my blogging dilemmas?)


Strap on those dictionaries and go for it:

Scintillate, scintillate, asteroid minific;
Feign do I fathom your nature's specific
Exaltedly set on the aether capacious
A reasonable facsimile of a gem carbonaceous.

Scintillate, scintillate, asteroid minific;
Feign do I fathom your nature's specific

And....can you finish this?

Tetrade aggregate plus heptad twelve-month period gone, patriarchs belonging to us, effectuated......

And because this is supposed to be a visual blog of sorts, here's a picture of my dog...uh....she....uhm... ate my blog entries for the past couple of months!.....yeah! that's it! My dog Nutmeg ate my blog entries! Very sad ....'cause they were REALLY, REALLY cool.


Susan said...

Yes, I CAN finish that, but Mark wants to do it... you are in trouble now! (As long as the Intarweb keeps working! Stupid comcast...)

Laura Lynn said...

LOL!!!!! How could that SWEET face eat anything except what she's supposed to? ;)

Judi Wellnitz said...

gosh, I hope that Nutmeg's tummy didn't get upset eating all those entries! You better keep an eye on your mouse now too! She might want her own blog soon!

Rita said...

Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky!

Poor Nutmeg?? ^__^

The connection is still strong. I haven't checked here in ages, and here you are with a new post.

For myself, on top of prickling and numbness.


Gaia said...

YES! A new blog entry! I was really missing your posts... :)))
And even if I'm totally uncapable of playing the game (I'd love to though, maybe one more dacade of writing and reading in english will do) I relate very well with the dog "eating" you posts.
Mine ate my phonebook and then we had a storm of giant locusts eating the whole phoneline. Me? Lazy in returning phone calls? NEVER!! :))