Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why engineers don't use apoxie sculpt on chairs....

My office chair died yesterday.

I had been sitting in said chair thinking to myself what a lovely find the chair had been. Only $40! And it had lasted a whole year!!! Where in the world do you find "deals" like that? I was sculpting at the time that these soothing thoughts were going through my head. Suddenly I dropped one of my tools on the floor.....no surprise there.....I'm somewhat clumsy. A spaz, some might be so brazen to say.

Anyway....I dropped something. So I lean over in my miraculous chair and the next thing I know I'm looking up at the ceiling. One of the legs had fallen off! Stupid chair!

My husband laughed when I told him this.

He told me to get rid of the chair.

Pfffft! I don't think so!
Silly man.....doesn't he know that in my possession, I have a substance stronger than the will of a 4 year-old? I have Apoxie Sculpt. I love the stuff. I use it on everything.....cause I'm clumsy....I break stuff. Well, not only does Apoxie Sculpt make an outstanding armature, it repairs stuff! So cool.

Well, to show my husband, I repaired that chair today with my miracle glob (if you have used it, you know why I call it glob). I mixed a dollop of the "stuff" from container 1 with the same size dollop of "stuff" in container 2. So easy! I wonder if the people at NASA know about it.

After 3 hours, I had my chair back, as good as new!

My husband was sufficiently complimentary....if somewhat skeptical....but what can he say, here I am working away at my desk with my newly repaired chair. Well, things went well for about an hour......my husband had wandered off to the kitchen, the kids were in bed, I was in the sculpting "zone", feeling goooood, congratulating myself on overcoming simple chair breaks, thereby assuring myself years more use of my wonder chair, when all of a sudden I fell forward.

The next thing I remember is seeing my husband's feet at eye level. My husband said I had screamed and then there was a crash. The leg of the chair had broken AGAIN, but this time I had hit my head on the desk on the way down.

My husband was gracious enough to make sure I was ok, before launching into the "I told you so's".......what he
actually said was, "This is why engineers don't use apoxie sculpt on chairs"............I just thought they didn't cause they weren't in the know.

Oh well.....here's a picture of what I was working on.....I'm glad I didn't pull her off the table with me!

Did I mention that I'm clumsy?


Susan said...

Yeah, well what do engineers know? It's probably just that the Apoxie didn't cure long enough before you had to sit back down and try to get some time in before SOMEONE came in to interrupt you.... again...

OOPS! ;)

shelley davis said...

Hi Angela,
You have me laughing. What a story.
I was surprised to see all the talent that you have. Bears and sculpting wow girl!
Glad your back on line with our chatty little group.

Gayle said...

EEE-Ouch, Angela!! What a story. I'm very glad to hear you survived that dreadful double whammy .... but, please tell ... what has happened to the chair!!??

Love your newest sculpt - she has a wonderful look - very fey, I'd say!


Karen Mallory said...

Angela, Sure are glad you aren't hurt and didn't take that wonderful sculpt with you on the way to the floor! I have trouble with chairs too but i think it is because of my big bottom!
hugs Karen

karen zaller said...

Wow! The work is so well proportioned and delicate. The detail is very well done and balanced. No one thing over powers the other. The wings and waist garment are very complimentary. I am only envious...sigh.....

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hi Angela glad you came out of lurkdome to post your blog. Wow is all I can say. I knew you did beautiful cloth dolls but didn't realise you were equally talented in sculpting with clay.You might not remember I took a class with you on face painting and I met you at We Folk. The lessons I took from you have helped me such a lot.
I have booked marked your blog and will drop in time to time.

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Angela, I am so glad you didn't hurt yourself! and that you got the chair fixed... who needs Men?? Hugs, Linda

Folksie Linda said...

oh gosh, i missed the head part, hope your noggin is okay! Hugs, Linda

daydreamstudios said...

If you call her clumsy, then I need a dose of it! Beautiful work...as usual. :-)


Anonymous said...

Great story and your work is awesome! Thank you for the smile!


Fran said...

Hope you are okay.
Your husband is right. My husband's chair arm broke on his office chair and I told him I can fix it with Apoxie Sculpt. I fixed it and it was good for awhile. He sat down in the chair again and put his hand on the arm and down the arm went and him. He was ok but the chair went in the trash.

Fran said...

I forgot to comment on your doll. She's lovely.