Saturday, May 24, 2008

"The Egg Thief"

Usually the fairies I find in the yard are polite enough to tell me their names. Not this one. She's busy stealing eggs out of bird nests. She knows if she stops and speaks to me I'll demand she puts the egg back.

Every spring this happens, a sudden spike in fairy thievery. The fairies will tell me, "Oh, of course we'll return the's just for fun!" They say they do it to see who can "steal" the most.....with a prize for the winner.....but about a month later I always see all these baby birds in the yard dressed in beads and bits of ribbons....and a lot of angry mother birds! The fairies aren't fooling me...they are making pets out of these little birds!

Madness I tell you!

I tried leaving a few gold fish about, but the general complaint was that the fish get the ribbons wet....and some eat the beads. What do you expect, they're fish!

So for the next few months, I'll be trying to placate mad mother birds....chasing off fairies from nests...along with everything else that keeps me busy.

Do me a favor will you....if you see a fairy carrying off an egg...tell them to put it back! Get a fish!
This little "egg thief" is a polymer clay OOAK doll. She is about 6.5" tall. She is detachable from the base....and you can remove her egg....though she will complain.


scarletti said...

She's beautiful, if rather mischievous. Perhaps in their own little way the fairies are helping those overburdened nests. I know I'd much rather see fairy-petted birds, than those poor unfortunate ones that got spilled out due to cramping!

Judi W. said...

She is just magical! Prettiest little thief I've ever seen!

Grangry said...

Oh! She's lovely! Especially the expression on her face!

Hello! said...

She's fabulous!! I love all your latest sculpts, Angela! The beautiful colors you always use in your costumes and their delicate expressions... charming! :)

Hello! said...

Ok... can you see the shiny "bad girl" badge I am wearing? Yep... that's the one! I've tagged you to describe a day in the life of Angela.

If you would like to get an idea, you can stop by my blog and be bored reading my post! LOL

Kai said...

After seeing this little sweetheart of a fairy, I SHOULD be intimidated having you for my swap partner! How on EARTH am I ever going to match YOUR talent???? However, my lil' friend, I KNOW what a 'for real' person you are. I can TELL. So I won't be intimidated, but just do my best to please you! Now I have to go and see if I can spy any darling lil' egg thief fairies in MY yard!