Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ophelia, Her Older Sister and the Fish

These dolls are sort of a tribute to sisterly boredom! I have 3 girls and for the most part they get along in a grand fashion. But every now and then they get really, really tired of playing together.

Especially the oldest one.

I can always tell when she's had enough of her younger sisters. She gets this incredibly bored looked that is seasoned with just enough "do-I-have-to" and "surely-as-the-mother-of-those-two-crazy-kids-you-should-see-that-what-you-ask-is-unreasonable" to pretty much convey to me that play time is over. And when the oldest gets "that" look....my middle girl gets a stoic, but desperate look on her face. The silent plea that she, though she is a reasonable being, should not have to play with her youngest sister all by herself. (In case it hasn't hit you....my youngest daughter is quite lively! She can whistle and sing louder than....anyone.....and when she's happy, she's usually singing or whistling. Trouble is....well...there's only so much loud whistling and singing most sane people can take!)

These dolls, OPHELIA and her older SISTER capture the look. I want to do a third doll that will represent my youngest daughter. I just have to figure out how to make a doll look like it is talking non-stop!