Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm supposed to be doing about a million other things, but there they were...just sitting there minding their own thoughts....two fabric heads. More like two fabric lumps actually. Just lying there....I can't be totally heartless...they had no eyes with which to see the world, no mouths to comment with....no...well you get the idea.

I thought I would just do one, but that would have been downright cruel. One lump
transformed into a head....the other left in it's lumply state!

Oh the inhumanity!

So I get the pencils out...both the watercolor and regular colored pencils....maybe the pastels too! Can never have too many supplies out. Hmmm...they look like they need a bit more stuffing. Where did I put that bag of stuffing? Oh look there some yarn I had been looking for last week! Maybe I should work on my knitting...

Then of course, they needed their pictures taken...several shots to insure that I get their best side. Maybe while I'm at it I should take pictures of the flowers in the yard....the azaleas are so lovely right now.

I'm not getting a lot done today for some reason....