Saturday, May 31, 2008

A day in the life of......

Me! Thanks Gai !!! LOL

Gai is an amazing illustrator/dollmaker from Italy that
I just adore! (I will get you back however!!!LOL) She has tagged me to describe a day in my life! Man, I bet this post
is going to get Hollywood producers clammering to buy the rights to make it into a movie....NOT!

Here's a photo of the courthouse in Sugar Land where I live. It's a dramatic shot....maybe this will lull you into the false sense that I live a dramatic life!!!

Probably not....but can you blame a girl for trying!

8:00 I homeschool my 4 kids, so this time of the morning will usually find me up, but not fully least not as awake as my 12 year-old daughter. My MORNING PERSON 12 year-old daughter. ( I believe she wakes up early to lead the birds in a rousing chorus of "Oh, what a beautiful morning....".) I will check her work, which she already has finished! And then she'll tell me about some arcane bit of knowledge that she has picked up in her science book and I'll be sitting there wondering how is is possible for ANYONE to be so AWAKE and ALERT and CHEERFUL all at once!

9:00 School is usually in full 5 year-old is telling me about the lives of her stuffed animals, while I'm trying to do flash cards with her. By now, I have found coffee, so the world is good! Math is on schedule for the 7 year-old....who is following in the footsteps of her older sister by drawing little pictures all over her math book and then telling me she really doesn't have a lot of room left to work the problems.

10:00 My son who is up. He is not a morning person either! His way of waking up (and mind you he has been up for over an hour at this point!) is to have breakfast followed by an hour of playing Chopin on the piano.
(At this point I begin thinking that it would be lovely to have a larger/longer house, where I could put him at one end and let him play the piano to his hearts content. The piano is RIGHT next to the room we school in. Chopin is NOT the music of choice for people who aren't morning people!) I usually will jump on the internet and check to see if I have mail....and what's going on in the world before spelling!

11:00 The girls are mostly finished with their work....I have graded papers and begin to think that I could steal a
few minutes to work on something creative! My son is now at full swing with his work. I think he times it so that
he can have the entire table to himself when he works. I would love to say that he just wants it to be quiet so he can do his math and Latin, but the child prattles on non-stop stream of conscious. I am still utterly amazed at how well he does at school considering he talks to me WHILE he works!

12:00 Lunch time!....for the kids....I realize at this point I still haven't had breakfast!

1-4 I try to squeeze in a bit of working time if it's not cleaning day, grocery day or drop off one of the kids at music lessons day. By three, if I am lucky, I will have gotten about an hour of work in. Did I mention that ALL my kids are chatty sorts....can't imagine where they got that! So the afternoon is broken up with various conversations and observations and "can you fix this doll's hair" or "can I have that ribbon for this bear" or "would you like it if I cooked something" or get the idea! It's funny, they do tend to sequester themselves in their rooms on cleaning day....hmmm!

5:00....I begin to fervently wish that I had a cook! I HATE cooking. There you have it. It's really not so much the cooking's just when you do it for 6 people....well, it's hard! And here I must clarify that none of my family save the 5 year-old is a picky eater (give her noodles and hot dog and she's good to go!) My family is very complimentary of my cooking. See, I have performance anxiety......I feel that TODAY's meal should top anything I have ever made! My family should be sooooo amazed at what I made that they realize eating anything in the future would be utterly useless and futile as this current meal was sooo wonderful.

Maybe I can find a cook......

6:00-9:30 A blur of evening makes me tired to think about it!

10:00-to infinity and beyond! Time to create and listen to books on tape....sweet!


Hello! said...

Oh my... four kids, homeschool, gorgeous dolls, online teaching, the cutest bears ever... I must quit whining about my lack of time! LOL :)


Gaia - the bad girl

FairiesNest said...

I am absolutely amazed that you ever have any time to create the marvels that you do!

stephanie said...

I to am a dollmaker, and have four kids that I homeschool, reading about your daily schedule made me laugh, it is so like mine, except my youngest is 2 1/2 and right now into everything.

Anonymous said...

You're doing the right thing, homeschooling, lovely kids and a tight, talking, loving family. I did it for 18yrs, and your day is very typical. Later, when they are older, you will have more time, I promise.

Kian Finnegan said...

Very thoughtful bblog